JOBsGh is a micro-job website like where users can sell their services. We aim at given a platform for freelance workers in Ghana.

How to Start

Getting started is simple and easy with few clicks. Before you can publish or hire a service, you will need an account. Getting an account requires a valid email address and a username.  Your username is not your full name but something to identify you with. Examples are enckwab, jlinc,jessey, robbert,appiah123, etc. You must make sure you provide us with a valid email address as that will be used to send you a password.

  • Now to get started, click on the Register or Getting Started button.
  • Provide a username and a valid email address and hit on Register. That all, a password will be send to your email. If you do not have an email, click here to register one.

Login with your username and password

Before you can publish or hire a service, you will need to login using the username and the password you submitted during registration.

  • To begin, click on login.
  • Enter your username and the password we sent to your email and hit on Login.

On success, you will be taken to your account section.

  • Now click on Personal Info and complete the form.

Full Name = Your actual names.

Location = Where you currently stay. It will help other users to find you in their location

Password fields = Now if you do not like the password we sent to you, change it to any password of your choice.

Profile Description = Something brief about yourself, your career hsitory etc.

Profile Image =  A picture of your self or something to represent you pictorially.

  • When you’re done with all these, click on Save to keep changes.

Publishing a Freelance Service

After registration and logging in, you may want to publish your services for hiring.

  • To do so, click on Submit Job above and complete the form that opens.

Job title = This is the most important field in submitting a job. It helps users to find your service easily when they search. Below are examples of how you can create you title.

  • Examples 1 : I will create a responsive website for only GHC 300
  • Example 2: I can help you lose weight within a month.
  • Example 3: I can fix your air condition for you.
  • Example 4: Hire me for you wedding makeups.

Job Price = How much you will charge for completing the job or service.

Job Category = Under which category and child category does you service or job falls under.

Job Description =  Talk more about your service. This part mostly explains further what you can offer the buyer.

Instruction to Buyers = You can add instructions to buyers here.

Job Location = Most users will come and search for services at a certain location so make sure you choose the location where you want your services to be listed in. NB, choosing a location does not limit your services to that area only. It is only for users that search by locations.

Job Images =  This is the image that will be attached to you service and shown to the users. An attractive image will always attract more viewers. You are allowed to upload at least one image that relates to your services.

Extra Fields = This section enables freelance workers to charge for extra services offered. Example, For an extra GHC100, I will add an Android App to the website.

  • After completing form, click on Publish Job. Remember it will take sometime for your job to appear on website.

Hiring a service

To hire a service, you must also register and log in with your account credentials. Now, search for the service you want to hire and click on it. Take a minute to look through the service information including reviews if any, before any further actions. When you’re satisfied, click on CONTACT SELLER and drop a message in the seller’s inbox. It is advisable to make all conversation on the Site to enable us track freelancers for any illegal and bad behaviors.

Feedback and Review

After transactions with the seller, it is very important to rate the seller positively or negatively per your experience. This is where buyers can report sellers by leaving a negative feedback. It also allows other buyers to know who to trust and deal with. We ( increasing the trust level of a freelancer based on reviews and feedbacks from buyers.

  • Assigning Rating and Feedback

To rate a seller and give a feedback per your experience, please login and click on the RATING & FEEDBACK button on the Job’s page and follow the steps. If you’ve not had any transaction with the seller, please don’t use the button because, if you give any false rating and feedback about a seller, we may consider deactivating your accounts.